“Advancing opportunities for learning in the digital age…”

Here at Danawa Education, we believe that every child deserves the best education possible. Our challenge is to offer quality education programmes which are accessible and affordable to our communities in both urban and rural settings. We leverage on digital connectivity to provide the platform to link us and our content to a large network of dispersed communities throughout the country. We promote digital literacy as a critical component of our education content to build a skill-based foundation for our learners to benefit from using technology responsibly throughout their lifelong learning journey. Thank you for letting us play a part in creating opportunities for learning!


Banner 1Danawa Education is affiliated with international certification bodies to offer accredited and internationally recognised programmes in Malaysia. We offer programmes which cater to early childhood, primary, secondary, pre-tertiary and vocational diploma awards.


Banner 2In line with the aspirations and initiatives of the Malaysian Government to raise the professionalism of early childhood educators and quality early childhood care and education (ECCE), Danawa Education has developed an online pedagogical documentation system for educators to guide them in meeting current Government expectations for preschool education delivery and to help them monitor the development of children.  Our resource platform sells teaching and learning materials for preschools, kindergartens and child care centres in Malaysia.


Banner 4 BS revDanawa Education is an appointed reseller of Cambridge University Press. The Press is the publishing business of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. It is one of the world’s leading publishers of English Language Teaching material, supplying to almost every country in the world. Its learning materials exemplify the cutting edge of English teaching methodology and the quality of the Cambridge ELT list is universally acknowledged by the teaching profession for both British and American English.

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banner4(2)Our trainers conduct training-of-trainer (TOT) sessions and learner sessions in urban and rural settings.  We have more than 10 years’ experience in coordinating training and workshop, including liaising with regional partners and local stakeholders.  Our training programmes cover a range of topics such as computing network, computer skills applications and hardware.  We also provide training programmes on classroom administration and management, assessor training and moderation for ICT programmes accredited by our partners including the University of Cambridge International Examinations  (CIE), Oxford Cambridge RSA (OCR) and Intel Education.


Banner 6 RODanawa Education has shared our experience and expertise with many rural and underserved communities in Malaysia.  We have successfully collaborated with local stakeholders including community leaders, village elders, adults, youths and children by offering opportunities for them to participate in our digital literacy programmes.

Sarawak Rural Broadband Initiative (SRBI)
Our education team is part of the pioneering Danawa Group which is the implementor of SRBI, in collaboration with the Sarawak State Government.  Danawa was tasked with the challenge to increase broadband penetration rate in the largest state in Malaysia and in tandem with bringing that challenge to fruition over the subsequent years, our team developed, implemented and shared successes in education and human capacity building programmes benefitting many rural communities.  Today, Danawa Group remains at the forefront in the development of ICT infrastructure in Sarawak and beyond.


Banner 3 SRWe are where we are because of the communities we have worked alongside with and learned from.  We contribute towards human capacity building programmes in local communities through private and public funding ventures such as digital literacy programmes for longhouse communities and rural communities through community broadband centres.  We also support our partners through charity-based projects for the less privileged including single mothers, underprivileged children and underserved communities.